Carew General Elections!

By Support - December 16th, 2019 | Posted in News

On 12th December, Carew Academy decided to hold an internal General Election as part of teaching students the importance of democracy.

In the morning, students from 4 different classes had an opportunity to give presentations on their party’s policies in front of their peers in a campaign assembly. In the afternoon, every class in the school then had the chance to vote on a ballot paper for the winner!

The winning party will rewarded with an ice-skating trip into London.

The final results were:

Spoilt Ballot Papers:                        5

Green Party – Nairobi:                   31 Votes

Labour Party – Abuja:                    32 Votes

Liberal Party – Santiago:                40 Votes

Conservative Party – Accra:         89 Votes

Well done to the Carew Conservative Party on a decisive victory!