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Carew Academy’s Career Fair

By Clair Hill - November 20th, 2023 | Posted in Article

Carew Academy recently hosted a highly successful School Careers Fair, providing students with a unique opportunity to explore diverse career paths and gain valuable insights into the professional world. The event featured enlightening talks from Elliot Colburn, Member of Parliament, and Sutton District & Training, followed by interactive stalls from Princes Trust, Keen 2 Go, Orchard Hill College, South Thames College, and Sutton District & Training.

The Careers Fair commenced with an inspiring talk by Elliot Colburn, a prominent figure known for his dedication to community development. Colburn shared valuable insights into the importance of community engagement, navigating the job market, and the significance of identifying one’s passion early in their career journey. Students were captivated by his words, setting a positive tone for the rest of the event.

Sutton District & Training took the opportunity to guide students toward potential career paths. Representatives from the organization provided valuable information about training programs and resources available to students. Their commitment to nurturing local talent and fostering practical skills was evident, offering students a roadmap for success in various industries.

Exploring Opportunities at Stalls:

The heart of the Careers Fair was the vibrant stalls set up by participating organizations, each offering a unique perspective on career opportunities.

  • Princes Trust, a renowned charity empowering young people, showcased programs designed to help students unlock their full potential. Students learned about opportunities to develop essential skills and gain support for their personal and professional growth.
  • Keen 2 Go, focused on instilling life skills and fostering independence. Their stall provided practical insights into navigating the challenges of the professional world, preparing students for success beyond the classroom.
  • Orchard Hill College and South Thames College, esteemed educational institutions, offered valuable information about their diverse academic programs. Students had the chance to explore various educational pathways, helping them make informed decisions about their future academic endeavors.
  • Sutton District & Training’s stall served as a comprehensive resource hub, allowing students to delve deeper into the training programs and apprenticeships offered by the organization. Engaging with representatives, students gained valuable insights into potential vocational pathways.

Carew Academy’s School Careers Fair was a resounding success, leaving students with a better idea towards their future opportunities. The combination of enlightening talks from Elliot Colburn and Sutton District & Training, along with engaging stalls from Princes Trust, Keen 2 Go, Orchard Hill College, South Thames College, and Sutton District & Training, created an environment of exploration, empowerment, and informed decision-making. As the students of Carew Academy move forward in their educational and professional pursuits, they do so with a heightened sense of purpose and clarity, thanks to the impactful insights gained at this event.