Careers Fair Success!

By Support - March 12th, 2020 | Posted in News

On Tuesday 10th March, Carew held its second ever Careers Day! This was a great success as it allowed our students to learn about a range of different careers.

Our younger students came dressed to represent different jobs – from chefs to firemen/firewomen and even footballers! Students completed careers-based lessons throughout the day. For example, Cardiff, Brasilia and London completed a carousel of activities. Cardiff classroom became a café (students became cashiers, waiters and chefs), while Brasilia was set up as a garden centre, meaning students could pick seeds, pay at the till and then plant them; London became a life-sized treasure hunt in which students had to find the missing police uniform! An incredibly creative, engaging an informative day for our young learners!

Students in Years 7 above were invited to dress in business attire – they looked incredibly smart! They completed lessons throughout the day based on careers, including completing a one-page job profile about a vocation of their choice. They also took part in mock interviews – these were delivered either by our senior leadership team or members of the HR department for Orchard Hill College & Academy Trust. Every interviewer said how impressed they were with our students – they were all incredibly polite and many showed a great confidence and enthusiasm during the interview.

Many of our students also attended a talk with Elliot Colburn, our local MP. He discussed what he did day-to-day as part of his role and answered questions from the group. Our students, again, were exceedingly polite and engaged throughout. They learnt a lot about how to behave as an employee.

We also welcomed The Prince’s Trust to our Careers Day. They delivered a Teamwork Workshop to 6th form students, who had to work together in groups to build the tallest tower. They could only use paper, scissors and Sellotape to make it and it had to be able to stand upright independently. The winning tower was nearly 2 metres tall!

During the day, our learners were given time to visit our Careers Fair, held in the Gym. The event was a huge success and was attended by a range of local businesses and colleges, including: Carshalton College, Volunteer Centre Sutton, the Paramedics, Sporting Chances, Yora Pet Food, The Prince’s Trust, SILC (The Skills and Integrated Learning Centre), the MET Police (who brought their police car long!), Jace Training and Orchard Hill College, to name a few.

Overall, our Careers Day was a triumph! Our students gained a lot from the event and were able to really focus on their futures.

A massive thank you must go to all the staff at Carew and our volunteers for helping to make this day such a success. However, the students’ enthusiasm and engagement are what made this day so special – well done to them!


Mrs Cooper                                        &                            Miss Doolan

Careers Coordinator                                                       Careers Leader