Archery at Carew

By Support - April 22nd, 2016 | Posted in News

Students at Carew are enjoying learning archery as part of their PE GCSE.

Kayleigh and Alice from Orchard Hill College Academy Trust joined the group of archers to find out how the course has been going. Having started off in the hall at a 10m distance, the group has developed their skills so much that the distance was increased to 15m, and they braved the elements by taking the equipment outside onto the sports fields.

The group demonstrated their skills, all scoring fantastically. Following this, Mr Brooks asked the group to guide Kayleigh and Alice through the whole process of shooting – how to measure the bow, how to choose the correct arrow for your arm span, how to stand correctly, all the steps right through to releasing the arrow, counting your score and removing the arrow from the target correctly and safely. This was perfect practise for a unit of the GCSE where students will need to guide someone else through the process.

IMG_7798They were clearly brilliant teachers because Alice managed to score a gold!

This is a new skill for each of the students taking part, and one that they’re clearly enjoying, as could be seen when the end of the session was met with groans as they wanted to carry on all afternoon!