Any other questions?

By Support - October 21st, 2015 | Posted in News

Student interviews were held this afternoon for Year 11s interested in jobs at the upcoming Carew Fireworks Display.

Prior to the interviews, all candidates filled in application forms, giving them insight into the first stages of applying for a job. Questions on the form asked them to reflect on their behaviour, attitude to work, and where they feel their strengths lay.

With a panel of interviewers from Orchard Hill College Academy Trust, students were interviewed individually, following the format of professional interviews. Candidates were asked about challenges they have overcome, times they have used initiative, how important they feel personal appearance is at work, and questions about how they would problem solve should incidents arise at the event.

The panel was blown away by every student’s professionalism, preparation and maturity with the whole process; every application form had been filled in to a high standard and everyone had prepared brilliant answers to questions.

We would like to congratulate everyone who applied for a job at the Fireworks Evening, it’s a nerve wracking experience but they all dealt with the process so well. The experience gave students valuable insight in to what it takes to apply for a job, and we hope they realise what a huge achievement they have made just by putting themselves forward for the jobs available.