Anti-Bullying Week

By Support - November 15th, 2019 | Posted in News

From 11th to 15th November, students from across the school took part in different activities in order to promote Anti-Bullying week.

Lower School

Students held an informative assembly presentation on Anti-Bullying, focusing on this year’s theme of “Change starts with us!”

Middle School

Students in Photography Options worked on their anti-bullying photos. They had to invent their own slogan that they would send to bullies and students to raise awareness of the negative impact that bullying has on young minds. They worked in pairs and manipulated their work in Photoshop learning basic skills of photo editing.

Upper School

Students held brainstorms in their classrooms where they discussed the impact of bullying on everyone and what they felt teachers should do about bullying.

Sixth Form

Students worked on creating anti-bullying roleplay performances with their class teams.