Aims Vision and Values

At Carew Academy we strive to develop the full potential of everyone within our community.

We aim to:

  • Enable our students to achieve their full potential
  • Create a happy school where students and adults work hard and enjoy their school life in a secure and caring environment
  • Provide each student with access to either the National Curriculum or the Equals Curriculum depending on their Pathway
  • Emphasise the development of literacy and numeracy within the curriculum
  • Foster respect for the rights of individuals irrespective of their race, disability, gender, age or creed and upholding the British Values
  • Create a school community which supports all of its members
  • Develop students’ ability to become independent learners and work cooperatively, preparing them for adult life
  • Develop students’ ability to respect themselves and others
  • Raise students’ self-esteem and self confidence

At Carew our vision is to enable of all our students to embody the core values below:

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