Body Worlds Exhibition

By Support - April 3rd, 2019 | Posted in News

On Tuesday 26th of March the GCSE Biology group went on a trip to see the ‘Body Worlds’ exhibition in London. Whilst there the students had the opportunity to view the workings of the human body by being able to see what is hidden under the skin of specially preserved human bodies. It was a fascinating experience which was enjoyed by all. On our return to school we used VR to observe the structure of the heart in 3D.

“When we entered Body Worlds the first thing we saw was a skinned man showing all his muscles. The body was standing on its two feet and the reason the body was not decomposing was because it was kept together by being preserved in this sort of plastic. The process was invented by Gunther Von Hagens in 1995. We saw lots of other exhibits showing how different parts of the body work.” (JW, Year 10)

“It was a big and beautiful experience about how your body works. We saw lots of displays and it was interesting and understandable. There was lots of information on the circulatory system, reproduction, nerves and the respiratory system”. (JE, Year 10)